Google WiFi vs Orbi

Selecting the best home network devices is essential, especially when choosing the wireless network devices. There are two best routers that one can choose from when setting up a home or office wireless network.

Google WiFi

Routers come at different prices. A single unit is $129, and when you need the whole set, it will only cost you $299.
Installing Google WiFi is easy. It takes around 15 minutes to setup all system. You can use your Android phone and follow all the instructions in the manual. Therefore, setting this device is fun it does not require any expertise to set it up.
Data transmission
When using the internet, data transmission is excellent. Data speed is approximately 470 Mbps. This for any WiFi user is breathtaking.
Coverage of the WiFi depends on the range you will setup. Though, a single router has been made to set to cover around 1,500 square feet. The best way is to set the range to be within the premises to minimize weakening of the WiFi signals. The best part of the Google WiFi router is that it can be easily expanded by adding more routers to the network and therefore cover as much area as you may need.
Google wifi is reliable in that you can make calls through the wifi and the signals are not failing. As long as you are within the network, you can transact your businesses at any given time.
Orbit comes in with many few hardware units such as the router and the satellite, which may cost you approximately $400. A single unit of Orbi is $250.
Setting up Orbi is self-explanatory and does not require any expertise. To setup, you need to fix an internet source to the Orbi router. When the internet source is connected to the router, move the satellite unit to a distance and turn it on; make sure you are within the coverage range. It is important to know the distance to move to have the best service and curb the problems with signal failures.
Data transmission
Orbi transmits data via three frequency bands. That is, has two 2.4 GHz; which is for WiFi connection, and 5 GHz which offers peak throughput of 1.2 Gbps data flow. The 5 GHz is the connection between the primary router and the satellite.
The Orbi router by itself covers approximately 2000 square feet. But when you purchase the two kits it covers about 5000 square feet. Therefore, the WiFi connection is available throughout the premises for you can buy more hardware unit if you need to expand the coverage distance. The additional satellite will cover 2000 square feet.
The Orbi unit measures 6.67*2.36*8.89 inches and therefore can be set anywhere in the house. It has different led lights which have different meanings. A white glow on top means the device is starting up, when it is blue the system is performing normally, when it turns to amber it means the network is weak, and when it turns to magenta it means there is no connection.
Therefore, if you want to setup wireless network in your home or office and want to get the best performance, choose Orbi or Google wifi. Though Orbi is quite expensive compared to Google Wifi but has a wider coverage than the google wifi.