Important Tips To Consider When Buying The Right Cell Phone Car Mount

Although it’s a good practice to pull over when texting or calling, most people do not. Attempting to pick up an important call with your hand can result in an accident. To remedy this, a driver should invest in a cell phone car mount that will allow him or her to use the phone hands-free. With hundreds of options to choose from, picking the right mount that matches with your device can be tricky. In this article, we have summarized for you the factors to consider before making your purchasing decision.


Securing your phone should be the top priority. You should invest in a phone mount that is strong enough to hold your phone in one place. A good phone mount should be made of a high-quality plastic material, glass or rubber. It’s advisable that you avoid mounts that lose their suction during extreme cold or hot weather. If you don’t want to use the back case of your phone, choose a mount that is fitted with a magnetic back plate. A rubber coating makes sure neither your phone nor car is damaged. Distraction-free driving with a high-tech phone boils down to choosing the right cell phone car mount.

Design and features

Not all car mounts are the same. Some are designed for specific smartphones. Check whether your phone fits in the small, medium or large category. However, you can choose an adjustable car phone mount that is designed to hold multiple brands of cell phones. It comes with a tilt swivel which allows the user to position the phone in landscape or portrait viewing. This feature is important to those drivers who use smartphones for navigation. To be sure you have chosen the right phone mount, double-check the dimensions. The phone mount should not leave any space for vibrations. Some come with an amplification system. The main four types of phone car mounts include windshield mount, dashboard mount, vent mount, and cigarette lighter mounts.

Ease of use

The mount should keep your phone at eye level. If you prefer windshield-mounting, be sure it does not block your forward visibility. In some states, the local law enforcement agencies do not allow drivers to place a phone mount on the windscreen. Depending on the design you choose, some double as a charger. However, passive mounts will require that you connect your phone to the electrical system of your car. The mount should give better accessibility of the phone without covering important ports and buttons. Further, it should allow the driver to put the caller on the speaker. You will not only hear better but also keep your hands on the steering wheel.

A car phone mount allows the driver to easily access the phone in a moving vehicle. In addition, it’s easy to check the GPS and access your favorite music. Even better, some can be used to charge the phone. This will ensure you’re more focused on the road. If you want to avoid fumbling inside your pocket every time your phone rings, you should consider getting a cell phone car mount. If you have already picked a brand, be sure of the road rules and regulations in your area.